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Launching an Integrated
SAP eCommerce Platform


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The Client

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Minneapolis Headquartered TSI Inc. is a global leader in designing and producing precision measurement instruments. With offices throughout Europe and Asia, their products and instruments can be found globally in hospitals, research labs, pharmaceutical companies, construction sites, industrial companies, on architectural plans, throughout manufacturing plants and out in the field. They partner with research institutions and businesses to set the standard for measurements relating to aerosol science, air flow, chemical analysis, indoor air quality, fluid dynamics, biohazard detection, scrap metal sorting and plastics identification.

Project Scope

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TSI Inc. embarked on an ambitious journey to revolutionise its global operations. Their primary mission? To launch a dynamic, multilingual eCommerce platform that not only aligned with the digital marketing and e-business demands of their seven diverse business/product divisions across the globe but also enhanced operational efficiencies and fostered robust communication and management within their extensive partner distributor network.

A critical element of this groundbreaking project was the seamless, bi-directional integration with TSI's existing SAP system – a feat our team had never tackled before. For the first time, we were blending Kentico's advanced eCommerce and cataloguing features with the robust ERP and CRM functionalities of SAP, setting a new benchmark in digital platform innovation.

The Solution

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Waterfall methodology thrives on meticulous upfront planning, and this project was no exception. We plunged into crafting a detailed requirement specification, a road map outlining every facet of the CMS – its functionalities, customisations, and even its intricate touch points with third-party systems.

TSI's new website transcends language barriers, offering a one-stop shop for everything from product specs and industry news to learning resources and dedicated customer/partner portals. Dive into the world of precision instruments through multi-lingual product profiles, blogs, and a comprehensive knowledge centre. Need support? The Online Service Centre is just a click away, while "Learn with TSI" unlocks a universe of training opportunities. For seamless transactions, a powerful SAP, CRM & ERP integration delivers real-time data on pricing, stock levels, orders, and more – all at the user's fingertips.


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  • Personalised product feeds: Logged-in customers see custom product selections and relevant add-ons, ensuring they find what they need fast.
  • Frictionless ordering: Individual discount levels and pay-on-account options (powered by SAP ERP) streamline checkout, keeping customers happy.
  • One-stop partner portal: Distributors get full e-commerce access, with a shared catalog satisfying both B2B and partner needs.
  • Reorder in a click: Existing customers can resurrect past orders with ease, saving time and boosting repeat business.
  • Marketing enhanced: Email campaigns, lead scoring, content personalization, and A/B testing – TSI now has the tools to attract, engage, and convert like never before.

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The Result

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The revamped TSI Inc. eCommerce website is a game-changer, merging two previous systems into one streamlined solution, significantly cutting down maintenance and support efforts. It also features engaging design, mobile responsiveness, and full multilingual capabilities, perfectly tailored for TSI Inc.'s global B2B demands. It's not just about looks; the platform is a powerhouse in operational efficiency and caters adeptly to a vast distributor network. TSI Inc. now boasts a unified, user-friendly, scalable, and ultra-secure e-business solution, all thanks to the robust capabilities of Kentico EMS.

Evolving a Leading Global Manufacturer’s Product Platform

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