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Launching a Redesigned Digital Platform to Enhance Educational Accessibility

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Our team is delighted to have been involved in the successful redesign, rebuild and launch of The National Council for Curriculum and Assessment’s (NCCA) Curriculum Online website. NCCA is a statutory body of the Department of Education. Their mission is to advise the Minister for Education and Skills on curriculum and assessment for early childhood education, and primary and post-primary schools. The new website's launch comes at a critical time when the importance of digital resources in education has been highlighted due to the global shift towards more flexible learning environments.

Utilising Kentico’s Xperience platform, the new website has been designed and built to be a one-stop shop for all curriculum-related materials across primary, post-primary, and special education levels. The new platform allows NCCA to offer an extensive range of resources, including detailed curriculum guidelines, lesson plans, interactive activities, and assessment tools, all tailored to the Irish educational context. It has also allowed for the designing of a website that is highly accessible and that meets all the relevant accessibility guidelines.

The successful launch marks a significant step forward in making education more accessible and engaging through digital means. It reflects a growing recognition of the importance of digital resources in education and the role they can play in supporting teachers and engaging students. As the platform evolves, it will undoubtedly continue to be an indispensable tool for the education sector in Ireland and a model for digital educational resources worldwide.

Adrian Bradley, CEO & Founder of i3 Digital stated:

"Our goal was to create an intuitive and comprehensive platform that empowers educators and learners alike. We believe that the Curriculum Online website will be a pivotal resource in the advancement of educational standards and practices in Ireland"


As an Agency, i3 Digital has been working with Kentico since 2007, and we are a Gold Partner and Certified Quality Expert. Our team deliver highly customised web platforms and has vast experience in integrating with a range of enterprise-level ERP, CRM, and Membership Management Solutions ranging from SalesForce, SAP, Sage, Naviga Global, NetFORUM, and MS Dynamics/Great Plains.

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