Why Integrated Marketing Platforms are Essential in 2017

Marketing engagement used to be about making as much noise as possible, trying to be louder than everyone else, and hoping someone would listen. The world has become more increasingly connected by technology, requiring companies to develop marketing campaigns in multiple media channels, of which the number of available options can be a little overwhelming.

All businesses and organisations have a wide range of marketing activities that are used to stimulate interest and engage with potential customers. Be it Email Marketing, Google Organic Searches, PPC or digital advertising, Social Media and traditional offline marketing activity that drives direct traffic. A lot of the data generated and collated from each media channel is measurable and can provide a business with a lot of insight into how users are interacting with an organisation. The one downfall is this data is quite generalised and in most cases cannot be associated with a single user across the disparate media channels. Moreover, the data gathered typically has to be manually inputted into standalone databases or CRM platforms, tying down valuable resources in the process.

Only about 22% of businesses are satisfied with their conversion rates. (Econsultancy, 2016)

Without integrated platforms, you only capture a fraction of your customer’s important data and therefore you only have a limited understanding of them. An integrated understanding of the behaviour of your unique clients at various stages of the evaluation and buying process means you can accurately communicate relevant content all the way through the process. Integrated Marketing provides you with more integrated information. That means you have data that isn’t only specific to each client, but that also corresponds with the stage they are in the evaluation process. A solution that isn’t fully integrated into the website content management platform only provides you with a partial picture of your prospect.

Putting into play an integrated content marketing platform at the centre of your marketing activities brings efficiencies and automation of manual, tedious, time-consuming tasks, whilst not changing a business’s marketing activities and crucially taking the guesswork out of it. All-in-One marketing platforms typically offer different combinations of online marketing functions as an integrated package. These are typically aimed at SME and global businesses who do not want to purchase several different point systems to handle, for example, marketing automation, contact management/CRM, content management (including blogging), SEO, social media marketing, and E-commerce.

Advantages of an integrated marketing platform include;

• Increased Efficiency and Cost Savings – by integrating the complexity and cost of managing disparate systems, will mean that businesses no longer having to procure, install, and maintain multiple systems as well as the various integrations between them. Freeing up valuable human resources and associated operational costs.
• Consistent Tone and Voice – makes it easier to maintain consistent messaging, look and feel across all media channels, providing a higher return on campaign investment and an increase in brand loyalty for a business’ products and services.
• Increased Leads – allows businesses to better understand their customer’s behaviour across different channels and the ability to create more targeted and relevant campaigns according to those behaviours.
• Enhanced Analysis and Reporting – opportunities for greater more in-depth analysis and refinement, helping businesses determine which digital campaigns are performing best and strategizing accordingly.

At i3 Digital we have had the privilege of being a Gold Kentico partner for over 10 years, providing our clients with access to the only fully-integrated ASP.NET CMS, E-commerce and Online Marketing platform. Kentico’s All-in-One platform allows our clients the freedom to concentrate on creating engaging, responsive, function-rich, cutting-edge websites, whilst fully optimising the customer journey without having to manage multiple systems. By utilising Kentico’s feature rich All-in-One platform, i3 Digital has also enabled our clients across various industries such as Financial Services, Construction & Engineering, Retail, Government/Local Government, and Entertainment & Tourism, to create and publish relevant content to multiple audiences across geographic, technological, and linguistic barriers, all from a single user interface/dashboard. View Our Latest Work

Want to see how the All-in-One Integrated Kentico platform can work for you? Contact us today to book your free Kentico demo.

“i3 Digital ensured the Belfast Waterfront and Ulster Hall websites not only looked good but met our overall objectives. We wanted to improve user experience and ensure all key customers’ needs were addressed, as well as ensuring the site looked great across all devices. i3 Digital helped us achieve that, and we are delighted with the results!”

Lisa Turkington, Digital Marketing Executive, Belfast Waterfront & Ulster Hall

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