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Marketing Automation for Success Whitepaper

One of the biggest changes for B2B and B2C organizations is that the customer is driving the buying process more and more.

Particularly for B2B companies, the buying process frequently is a long and complex journey that requires the right management and nurturing. Marketing and sales strategies and activities must now connect with steps in the buyer journey to be able to engage customers and grow revenue. Smart marketers have been turning to marketing automation as a new way to shepherd customer engagement opportunities successfully that will lead to improved sales outcomes.

Marketing has the growing responsibilities of attracting new customers and helping convert more leads into sales. Manual processes cannot handle what it takes to produce relevant, personalized responses to customers throughout the buying process, matching the right content to the right point in time. Marketing Automation platforms enable marketers to create and manage customer interactions with greater speed and customization. Marketing automation expands what can be accomplished for multiple campaigns, and raises the level of sophistication for customer conversations. Marketers can go from setting up single email campaigns to designing entire sets of emails and multi-channel content that enrich and expand customer interactions.

Download the Marketing Automation for Success whitepaper to learn how Marketing Automation:

– Improves marketing efficiency and effectiveness
– Creates more sales-ready leads in a shorter time and with better results
– Boosts customer experience and lifetime value
– Can dramatically increase ROI and company revenue

Download this Whitepaper