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Lead Scoring for Success Whitepaper

A company’s website is still one of the most important sales and marketing tools for attracting
new customers and growing new business.

Marketers know that the website can produce a wealth of customer intelligence and sales leads based on the interactions of each visitor. The continuous flow of closable leads to Sales is a major priority for Marketers, with increasing trends towards measuring marketing ROI based on the volume and quality of leads. But only a small percentage of leads are deemed sales-ready, while the remaining leads are frequently left to languish.

Marketers now have the tools and capabilities to better rank, manage and nurture leads, so that more leads carry a higher probability for positive sales results. Automated capabilities and processes provide powerful ways to handle lead scoring and nurturing. And yet many sales and marketing teams are not using these tools to get the most from every visit to the website.

Download the Lead Scoring for Success Whitepaper to learn how to:

– Get More Out of Leads
– Establish & Optimize a Successful Lead Scoring System
– Leverage Lead Scoring with Other Online Marketing Features like Marketing Automation
– Avoid Problems through Best Practices
– Use Lead Nurturing to take Leads to Sales-Readiness
– Develop Lead Scoring on Your Website in 5 Minutes with No Programming Involved

Download this Whitepaper