Website Health Checks: Why they are Essential in 2017

We’ve all heard the old adage – ‘Your Health is Your Wealth’. This saying has stood the test of time, simply because it’s absolutely 100% true. If it came to it, we’d give every penny we have to have our health, but we’d never swap our health for a fat bank account.

It’s the start of a New Year, the time of year when the general office buzz is mostly centred on which diets are best for shading holiday excess, detoxing methods and all manner of keep fit regimes. Don’t worry, give it another week and all of this chat of diets and asparagus smoothies will be gone! One thing that won’t be gone, however, is the need for your website to perform for your business.

“By 2017, there will be more internet traffic than all prior internet years combined”

Some may raise an eyebrow or two at a comparison between your own personal health and the health of a business website, and as already stated, rightly so. However, cast your mind back (perhaps way, way back) to when you felt like you were in the best physical shape of your life. Once reaching this point, did you suddenly stop going to your gym, doctors, or even opticians to reinforce this awesome feeling? For the majority of people, the answer to that would be a firm no. They kept it up because health, and life is not a destination but a journey.

“An estimated 37,000 websites are hacked every day”

Now consider this, you are fighting hard to grow and prosper in your chosen industry, and have spent a great deal of time, care and resources on building your website. Do you now cease taking care of it and ignoring the inevitable depletion in health and performance that faces it? Unfortunately, and unlike with our own health, so many of us do exactly that. Your website is a living, breathing entity and an ever-evolving part of your business. It can never be a plug-&-play-&-never-treat-again touch point. Things get old, slow up, become insecure, and generally lose performance.

“There are currently 966 million websites in the world today and counting”

One of the best overall ROI and performance measures for business websites is whether or not they deliver the required amount of visitor numbers and subsequent leads. Of course, a broad number will never paint a complete picture, and there are many things apart from visitor numbers that factor into a “healthy” website. As with your own personal health, a visit to your local doctor for a check-up typically gives a general overview of your current health, but specific tests are required to get an in-depth understanding of the state of all the moving parts. Same goes for the old!

“A single second delay in your website loading time can result in a 7% loss in conversion, and 40% of web users will abandon a website if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load”

The unrelenting nature, speed and evolution of the digital world, combined with ever-increasing visitor expectations and touch point options means the implications for businesses that do not assess and maintain their website health are clear – they lose out to those that do. It’s therefore vital to undertake website health checks to take accurate and complete stock of what is and is not working today. As with our own personal health, none of us would knowingly leave that to chance.

In closing, another poignant old adage comes to mind…‘Snooze and You Lose’.

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