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With a strong network of 16 branches across Northern Ireland, JP Corry is one of the country's leading building suppliers. No matter how big or small a project, JP Corry prides itself on supplying everything from core building essentials right through to the latest product innovations from leading suppliers.

Renowned as ‘The Complete Building Supplier’, JP Corry supply everything from foundations to the finishing touches of a construction project, including timber, building materials, dry lining and insulation, doors, flooring, roofing, drainage systems, hardware, painting and decorating and civils products. In addition, JP Corry boasts several landscaping centres and architectural product showrooms, to help customers transform their building project both inside and out.

Project Scope

JP Corry’s project goals were to deliver a new, attractive, eCommerce website that was specifically designed, structured and built to meet the company’s present and future online objectives. Crucially, the new website was to be customer-centric in terms of usability and design and needed to cater for a wide range of user types and customers. High levels of integration capability were required, and goals included a tight deadline for launch.

The main challenge of the JP Corry project was the tight integration with JP Corry’s own Stock/Pricing management system. There were three main integration aspects to the project:

1. Product Catalogue Management

JP Corry wanted an easy means of automating their product catalogue of more than 5000 products into the CMS with import tools

2. Quote Service

The main aspect of the project was to allow website users to get quotes in real-time and for these to be maintained within a user dashboard

3. Existing Account Management

JP Corry already had a solid customer base and, although the website’s main aim was to drive new business, they also wanted to allow existing customers to get quotations, via the website, with their specific account pricing applied to all quotes.

What we delivered

Product Catalogue Management

JP Corry was able to provide an initial CSV format of their products. From this initial CSV, i3 Digital worked with JP Corry to hone their product catalogue so that products, including variants, could be created/updated using the Kentico E-Commerce features. i3 Digital was also able to use the product catalogue to dynamically create Menus and Sub-Menus based upon the type and category each product fell under. Using Kentico Categories allowed i3 Digital to easily link menu items to products and product ranges, and all without any CMS editor/administrator interaction.
The Product Catalogue Management tool was built as an external service using Kentico API and FTP. As an external service, it meant that imports could be run without hindering website performance

Quote Service

The initial business requirement from JP Corry was an instant/real-time quote service, but on further analysis and working closely with their internal IT team, this very quickly proved impossible due to no API being available in their existing Stock/Pricing Management system. It was, also, not possible to hold product prices within the website due to constantly changing prices and price variation depending on the customer. A solution was identified where the website would need to create an export CSV file that could be passed to the existing Stock/Pricing Management system and get a resulting XML response file.

By using Kentico’s E-Commerce platform, i3 Digital was able to harness all the existing functionality that allowed it to create/manage orders and order Items, but with an initial zero pricing, and create an export CSV on each successful quote submitted. Once the existing Stock/Pricing Management system had processed the export CSV, an external service, again using the Kentico API, was developed to import the resulting XML response and update the orders accordingly.

By using Order Statuses within Kentico, i3 Digital was able to create a workflow that would allow a user to be able to track/view the current status of their quote(s) via the user dashboard. This included full quote completion, and partial quote with out-of-stock information, including a re-quote functionality.
Also, by using the existing Kentico E-Commerce functionality, i3 Digital has future-proofed for phase two, where JP Corry is looking for quotes to be turned into actual sales on the website itself.

Existing Account Management

JP Corry wished to expand its business by allowing new users to register on the website and quote for products but also wished that any of their existing customers could also register on the website and avail of any existing account conditions they had within their internal Stock/Pricing Management system. i3 Digital worked closely with JP Corry to identify how it could link website users to existing CRM users. With no API available it was determined that JP Corry would create a nightly export of CRM accounts. An external service was developed, again using the Kentico API, to link any website accounts with existing CRM accounts within the CMS itself. This customer account information is then used when generating quotes and included in the CSV to make sure the existing customer is getting the best available price. The CRM account information was included in the website users’ dashboard in read-only format for reference.


JP Corry eCommerce Website

The Result

This was a very intensive project, and the results are hugely pleasing to the client and i3 Digital. The website now has a much cleaner, more modern, and exponentially more engaging look and feel than its predecessor, which was built on a proprietary CMS. JP Corry’s new website also includes large amounts of functionality and features that are critical to the company’s current and future requirements, and many of these requirements evolved over the course of the project. There has already been a 20% rise in traffic to the JP Corry website, and page views are up by more than 30%.