‘UX and GDPR’ a Webinar Replay

As the date for the implementation of the new GDPR regulations (25th May 2018) fast approaches, how will the new regulations affect the day to day online customer user experience and what can organisations do to ensure as little disruption to the user journey as possible?

During our recent webinar session, Leading Digital Specialist – Jon Eaton, UX Designer – Stephen Currie and UX Expert – Cam Spilman shared great insights and top tips on the tactics and measures organisations can employ to help meet their GDPR compliance without unnecessary disruption to their customer’s online user experience.

Key takeaways were:

– What ‘Privacy by Design’ means for online customer experience
– How to protect yourself with ‘reasonable interest’ and gathering consents in the right way
– How to qualify anonymous visitors to build better rapport before capturing details
– How to design GDPR compliant cross-platform customer experience

Watch a full replay of the webinar below:

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