User Experience Design – what is it, and do you need it?

‘User Experience Design’ (often referred to as UX Design) is the perceptive application of user-centred design practices which improve the usability and efficiency of user’s interaction with your website or product.

UX Design considers many aspects of the user’s interaction such as emotional, hedonic, aesthetic, affective and experiential variables.

The term User Experience has a formal definition for those who like the cold hard facts:

“a person’s perceptions and responses that result from the use or anticipated use of a product, system, or service”

(ISO 9241-210).

Should you consider UX Design?

Without a doubt!

Shouldn’t your website visitors enjoy their experience and be able to navigate through your content and fulfil an end goal with ease?

Shouldn’t the users of your application love the fact they can get their desired credible content fast and effectively on their mobile device?

You want your users to trust your website and your products in the first place, right?

Considering and implementing effective UX Design will ensure your users feel valued; their needs are understood and above all, it will safeguard their ability to achieve their intended goal.

So how can i3 Digital help you with UX Design?

We at i3 Digital ensure great UX Design allows users to find value in your website or app product.

Just one of the many ways we do this is to refer to Peter Morville’s industry-standard user experience honeycomb model shown below.

User experience

Peter Morville is a pioneer in fields of information architecture and user experience at

In accordance with the UX Honeycomb, a website or product with a meaningful and valuable user experience must include the following:

• Useful: Content on your Website should be original and fulfil a need. The i3 Digital Team assist our clients in meeting this requirement through an extensive user research and discovery phase.

• Desirable: Image, Identity, Brand, and other Design Elements are combined to deliver a desirable User Experience. Our skilled Design Team enable our clients to meet this requirement through effective Concept creation and quality User Interface Design.

• Accessible: In order to deliver a Website that provides a quality User Experience, for all users, it is important that your Website meets fundamental Accessibility Standards. The i3 Digital Team design, develop and test all of our Websites in accordance with WAI accessibility standards.

• Credible: It is important that your Users trust and believe your content. The i3 Digital Team collaborate closely with each client to help define and affect a Content Strategy, which delivers the best message for your users.

• Findable: Content needs to be navigable and locatable onsite and offsite. Through extensive Information Architecture practices and effective Search Engine Optimisation our team can help to ensure optimum online visibility.

• Usable: Your Website must be easy to use. The i3 Digital Team ensure our client’s Websites meet this criterion through in-depth Planning, Wireframing, Design, Development, Quality Assurance and User Testing processes.

“It’s not simply enough that we build online products that are usable and functional. We also need to design experiences that bring delight, excitement, and engagement to people’s lives.”

(Stephen Currie, Front End Designer, i3 Digital)

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