Summer Update

Our Perspectives section is all about keeping our customers, stakeholders, friends and colleagues updated with what we’re up to. This post is simply to give you an idea of what we’re doing at a more generic level. The year to date has been extremely exciting for us all, so let’s take a look at what’s been happening…

US Office Opens

Probably the biggest thing to happen this year has been the opening of our shiny new Boston office, which has introduced i3 Digital to a whole new level of American business. Adrian has spent a lot of time in the Boston office recently (he’s currently there right now) and we’ve received a great response from the marketplace around our American hub already! After only being opened a little more than 4 months ago, i3 Digital has already become the Number 1 Kentico partner in the state of Massachusetts – a massive win for the company! With our new “Pocket Buddy” app being rolled out in Worcester later this autumn, the only way is up for the company’s transatlantic journey!

JP Corry Online – A New Build!

i3 Digital is delighted to announce it has been selected as the provider of JP Corry’s new website! Boasting nearly 200 years as a market leader, JP Corry has grown from a small wooden hut into the leading building supplier in Ireland that it is known as today, and we can’t wait to launch the new site later this year! The plans and initial designs look absolutely stunning, but I guess we would be slightly biased!

i3 Digital Drive BP McKeefry’s Efficiency Saving App

BP McKeefry took delivery of a brand new i3 Digital app in March of this year, which dramatically improved organisational efficiencies and processes for its drivers and administration staff. The app provides an interface for drivers to login and review their daily load and activity schedules. This new system not only replaces the older paper-lead processes, but saves valuable time, financial and operational resources. The app solution stores, sends, and receives data regarding drivers’ loads, deliveries, and collection schedules at all stages throughout the day and between customer sites and action points. To guarantee maximum safety and business efficiency, it records the start and end times of working days, in addition to all mileage, driver breaks, and fuel fill-ups. It also records safety check information, odometer readings, and interacts with data via web services from head office internal systems. i3 Digital is one of Ireland’s leading app developers, and we are immensely proud of this all-encompassing and market leading product!

Devenish Nutrition App

In order to grow market presence and provide their customers and prospects with an innovative solution, Devenish Nutrition teamed with i3 Digital to provide a native app, which we launched in spring this year. The app is extremely user-friendly and is creating major business efficiencies and assisting in raising the profile of Devenish Nutrition in their target geographic markets.

Multi-lingual innovative native apps were built to meet the growing client base of Devenish Nutrition. A content management system also supports the app (via web services) and allows Devenish Nutrition to add news articles, configure formulae variables, localise languages settings for future app scalability, such as additional animal types, push notifications and company events information. The app includes a wizard to break the form down into manageable, easy to understand components for potential customers to facilitate them to step through the margin calculations. A contact form was also included to allow potential customers to send enquiries directly from the app to Devenish Nutrition.

Since its launch in April 2015, the Devenish app is gaining excellent traction throughout the world, with major download numbers in Devenish Nutrition’s target markets. It has also resulted in some potential customers enquiring about the Devenish programme via the app itself. It is expected through the trade shows that Devenish Nutrition exhibit at and via on-going marketing promotion, download figures will increase significantly for this unique app, and we at i3 Digital are really proud of it’s success!

Our blogs are only EVER allowed to be two pages long (nobody wants to read a dissertation), so we’re going to keep the rest of our updates for next month! Thanks to all our Directors, staff, and amazing clients for all your recent hard work and effort…on we go! #futureisbright

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