‘Single Point of User Data’ a Webinar Replay

Are you feeling the head-spinning effects of trying to manage multiple digital platforms?

If so, you’re certainly not alone. All businesses and organizations have a wide range of marketing activities that are used to stimulate interest and engage with potential customers. Be it Email Marketing, Google Organic Searches, PPC or digital advertising, Social Media and traditional offline marketing activity that drives direct traffic to an event or even a business card.

During this webinar, i3 Digital’s Customer Success and Digital Engagement Specialist – Edward Ryce discussed the importance of putting in place an integrated digital platform to achieve the big customer picture and correlate and associate all information relating to the opportunity. He also shared top tips for nurturing, cultivating, encouraging, engaging and tracking a much more fickle and educated customer than even 5 years ago.

Actionable takeaways included:

+ How to improve the accuracy of your marketing and customer engagement through holistic customer data and information

+ How to use integrated and flexible architecture to stay on the cutting-edge of digital trends

Watch the full replay below:

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