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Kentico Health Check

We were the first Kentico Gold Partner & Quality Expert to offer a free Kentico Health Check service and have fixed, upgraded or rebuilt over thirty adopted Kentico based solutions.

Adoption & Optimisation of Kentico services, i3 Digital
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Our 20 strong Kentico Xperience certified development team love Kentico and have integrated the Kentico Xperience platform into over 50 systems and native Apps. We have even broken the product apart to create unique Kentico based eCommerce Solutions and Tour Operator platforms. Clients work with us because of our transparent approach, which is supported by our in-depth Kentico Xperience product knowledge.

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As an agency, we have attained a global reputation for enhancing and optimising Kentico implementations, which has been enhanced by our award-winning team achieving Kentico Xperience Quality Expert status.

Jonnh Crozet Head of Design at i3 Digital
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Our team of Kentico experts find ways to improve website performance and speed up site delivery. Starting at the front-end, we focus on optimising javascript, associated transitions and template structures, which have an instant effect on the end-user experience and conversions. We then dive deep into the sites architecture and code base to benchmark against Kentico best practice. A detailed report is always delivered, which is then used to define critical improvements and create a roadmap for the evolution of the website.

As an Agency, i3 Digital partner with businesses & organizations who have a global focus to deliver highly integrated digital platforms with Kentico at the heart. Their extensive technical know-how and unrivalled 24/7, 365 client support, have gained them a reputation for developing complex integrated solutions and rescuing troublesome Kentico projects. In 2018 they were vetted by Kentico and named as a Kentico Quality Expert - the highest possible Kentico award for an Agency. They are very focused on delivering a quality solution and have achieved ISO certification, including ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 14001 and ISO 9241-210.

Chris Cairns – Sales Director – UK and Ireland

Kentico Site Check

Kentico Site Check

Learn more about our free Kentico website health check and auditing service.

California Avocado

California Avocado

Learn how we made the California Avocado Commission’s Website Healthy.

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