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How secure is your Website?

We are offering to carry out a Free comprehensive Website Security Vulnerability Health Check on your online resources to identify potential weaknesses.

Thinking of getting into eCommerce?

Our team specialise in delivering and supporting highly customised & tightly integrated eCommerce solutions with Kentico at the heart.

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You know your business, and we know Kentico. Our certified team have decades of experience in delivering and integrating Kentico eCommerce into ERP, CRM and Custom Systems to deliver streamlined operations and maximise repeat business and profitability.

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We deliver B2B and B2C platforms supported by eCommerce strategies that deliver complete usability for consumers & trade partners while maximising revenues for our clients. The eCommerce marketplace is continuously evolving and adapting as new products, platforms, systems and technologies evolve and find their niche.

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Kentico eCommerce, ticks all the boxes if you require an affordable, secure, customisable platform that will allow you to pull together a range of systems via a robust API layer. The platform also allows for sophisticated digital marketing and personalisation capabilities, when deployed alongside Kentico's Enterprise Marketing Suite (EMS).

Find out how the i3 Digital team breathed new life, created new revenue streams and even launched new businesses with Kentico eCommerce.



Launching an Integrated SAP eCommerce Platform for TSI Inc.

Smiths Interconnect

Smiths Interconnect

Consolidating 7 global business units onto a single eCommerce platform.



Learn how we helped bring the heat on the east coast of America.


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