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Looking for a team to support your legacy Kentico portal engine?

Our approach will give you time to breathe & get the most out of your current investment in Kentico.


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24/7/365 Support Services

Global organizations need 24,7-365 support that is available day-or-night.

 24/7/365 Support Services, i3 Digital
i3 Digital Service Page

As an ISO 9001/27001 accredited company, we have in place a dedicated help desk operated by an experienced and certified support team, who are always on call.

24/7/365 Support Services, i3 Digital
i3 Digital Service Page

Global organizations need 24, 7-365 support that is available day or night. We offer a range of technical service level agreements (SLA’s) from Business Class, Premium Class to Premium Plus, which can be customized to meet specific client needs and budgets. Unlike most agencies ‘use it or lose it’ monthly retainers, we drawdown from a pre-agreed annual budget of days and hours. Clients can start with a base level and add extra days if required over the year. Our clients like this approach as it provides flexibility and allows them to monitor usage and associated costs closely.       

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