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Our Timeline

' 89

Invention of the World Wide Web

Sir Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web in 1989

' 95

Release of Windows 95

In 1995 Microsoft released Windows 95 with Internet Explorer 1.0

' 95

Amazon's first online store goes live

Amazon launched their first online bookstore in 1995.

' 97

Biznet was founded.

Adrian founded Biznet in 1997 from his bedroom!

' 97

Founding of Google.com

Google.com first launched in 1997 by 2 PHD students

' 01

Launch of the iPod

Apple launched their first iteration of the iPod in 2001.

' 01

Play Video

First Promo Video

We released our first video in 2001, just look at those amazing graphics!

' 02

Firefox was launched

Firefox 1.0 web browser was first launched in 2002.

' 04

The launch of The Facebook

Facebook first launched in 2004 as "The Facebook"

' 04

We move into our new office.

We moved into our new office in 2004 with 30 staff.

' 05

The launch of MySpace

MySpace first launched in 2005 as a social media networking site

' 06

Twitter was born

Twitter first launched in 2006 as an online news and social networking site.

' 07

We got our first CMS certifications.

We become certified in Kentico and EPiServer.

' 07

Name change & New office

We moved to an even bigger office and became i3 Digital.

' 08

Working with BP's data.

We started working with BP in Houston Texas

' 10

Launch of the iPad

Apple launched their very first iPad in 2010.

' 12

3 big names become customers

Dublin Bus, Translink and National Lottery sign up as customers.

' 15

Our first national event

We had our first national event in TFMA in London.

' 16

We won website of the year

We won website of the year 2016 with Belfast Waterfront.

' 17

We host our first first webinars.

We host our first webinars on GDPR and eCommerce.

' 17

i3 Digital turns 20

We celebrate our 20th birthday!

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