Our Predictions for 2015

We’ve rounded up some of our predictions for 2015 and the theme that has emerged is that of data and connected solutions.

This is just our opinion based on trends we’ve seen either with clients or in the industry in general, we hope you enjoy.


Okay, no surprise here. Mobile is going to be a big feature this year again as both technology and networks get better, faster and easier to access. Gartner predicted that by 2018 more than 50% of users will use a tablet or smartphone first for all online activities.

If you’re still unconvinced, in 2010, 70% of people checked out your website before purchasing your goods or services, that figure was 30% in 2008! If you haven’t got a mobile/responsive strategy in place already, how much business could you be losing this year?

Real Time Mobile Tourism Marketing

With faster and more readily available access to the internet we will see mobile, as a tourism information platform, overtake traditional websites. This trend will continue with advances in on-demand immersive tourism solutions and technologies including augmented reality and wearable items like Google Glass (the new version) providing real time tourism information to the user when they need it most.

Integrated Solutions

Historically, organisations that were early adopters of digital have spread their digital footprint across multiple systems, be it CMS, CRM, SharePoint, intranet, analytics, social media, native apps, content optimisation and marketing automation. The past 2 years have seen the maturity of online platforms and organisations favouring a single platform. This saves managing multiple solutions and logins, while reducing costs in terms of financial and training expenses.

Marketing & Sales Automation

Most businesses are still manually managing their marketing and sales processes, but in 2015 we believe there will be a greater move towards smart CMS’s such as Kentico, EPiServer and Sitecore. These allow user engagement and sales processes to be automated using lead scoring, personalisation of content, marketing automation and A/B testing. This trend will continue to dominate over the coming years, as the technology allows for further and deeper personalisation of content to reflect the individuals journey through a website.

Big Data

Again, this isn’t new. Big Data has been around for years, but 2015 will see the emergence of integrated platforms creating a single point of user data allowing the big picture all these different analytics platforms feed into to finally be seen. A by-product of the maturity of big data is that the requirement for data analysis will increase, by unifying different information such as user interactions and analytics data on a website and their buying behaviour and analysing it for trends, fundamental changes can be made to communication methods and key messages to encourage deeper engagement and hopefully conversions. The refinement of the reporting platforms that output this data will we a re-occurring trend for several years as this technology matures fully.

Wearable Technology

2014 seen an explosion of wearable technology platforms, hardware and software, it was hard in fact, to go a week without a wearable technology news story, one of the biggest being the Apple Watch (Although it wasn’t the only one, it did get the most press attention). 2015 will not see a sizeable growth in the wearable items, market, but it will see wider adoption of the technology and further refinement of the hardware and software.

2015 already has been earmarked for numerous smart watches from companies such as Sony, Microsoft, Intel, Google, LG, Adidas, Samsung, Fitbit, Garmin, Tag Heuer, Jawbone, Apple…and the list goes on and on. Outside of watches, there’s other technology such as Google Glass, Golf swing chips, Footballs with GPS, wearable patches to monitor children’s temperature and many more new applications of wearable technology that show that this will be a big emerging market trend both now and in the future.

If keeping up with the latest in wearable technology is of interest to you, check out #ces2015 or Techradar which gives the low down of the new products being announced by these companies at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas right now.

What is interesting from these launches is that these new devices aren’t focusing on just one area, for example Activity tracking, they are merging several ‘wants’ into one device, after all, you can only really wear so many trackers at once. So gone is the watch that tracks steps and replaced by the watch that can track steps, movement, take phone calls and measure your heart rate or the likes of a baby dummy that sends a Baby’s temperature to the parents’ smart phone.

Solutions such as Google Fit, Android Wear and Apple Health will drive technology to adopt a more open interface allowing general consumers to access more and more of their own personal big data pictures on things such as health and travel.

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