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What’s new in the recent Kentico 12 MVC Service Pack Release

Kentico last week released a service pack update for Kentico 12, this is a follow on to the main version launch back in November 2018. For Kentico EMS license holders, this latest release contains features that are designed to further enable marketers and content editors to create, optimize, customize and run campaigns with ease.
Here are some of the key new features now available within the Kentico 12 Service Pack release:

Optimize your website with A/B Testing

Kentico Dancing Goat demo

Unlike most other similar platforms, A/B Testing is now integrated into MVC. Meaning you will now be able to optimize your website’s performance directly inside the Pages application. The update will also make it easier to create and manage all your variants from within the platform, including the ability to finish a test through a single automatic promotion click action of the winning variant to the page tree.

Build your own library of Page Templates

Adding landing page on Kentico MVC

Being able to build and produce campaign pages in a short space of time, is most marketer’s dream scenario. With this update, your developers can now create a library of MVC page templates using a base of typical landing page requirements such as layouts, background and colours. Enabling marketers and content editors to save time when creating and launching new campaigns.

Easily manage your Media assets

Marketers will now be able to select a new media item such as a picture or video directly from the media library, using the new Media Selector feature. Additionally, it will now be possible to link to other content pages directly from the page tree, through the new Path Selector feature. As well as the ability to quickly upload content with your form submission when creating forms, thanks to the new File Uploader feature.

Future Updates

Kentico will continue to push for further developments in MVC, with the next major release scheduled for September 2020. In respect of this, it is also worth noting that Kentico projects built on Portal Engine will no longer be supported by Kentico, with no hotfixes or security updates being provided after 2022. These are critical points to consider when planning your build, rebuild or upgrade projects going forward.


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