Kentico Announces Partnership with Ucommerce

Kentico have recently announced an exciting new strategic partnership with the globally renowned E-commerce solution provider Ucommerce.

Who are Ucommerce?

From its first launch in 2009, Ucommerce has become a global and experienced company with a seasoned product that has been used to implement over 3,000 e-commerce solutions worldwide, with offices in the US, Europe, and Australia. Ucommerce have created a leading .NET-based commerce-first platform that seamlessly integrates with your existing CMS.

The team behind the product knew that no two e-commerce projects are alike, so they made a platform which is highly customisable. This means Ucommerce has the ability to be flexible, depending on your needs, making it a great fit for Kentico and for your e-commerce projects, whatever you may need.

What are the benefits of the Kentico – Ucommerce Partnership?

Current native Kentico e-commerce capabilities are more than sufficient for small, medium-size, and even larger businesses. The partnership with Ucommerce will allow businesses to transform and elevate their e-commerce projects in completely new ways, whilst also offering a seamless integration into Kentico’s CMS and EMS and will adopt the Kentico user interface, making it user friendly and easy to manage.

When will this happen?

The option to upgrade or choose Ucommerce as part of your e-commerce project will be available with the upcoming release of Kentico 11 in November this year. Customers will have the option to choose to replace Kentico’s native E-commerce solution with the unique, Kentico-specific solution provided by Ucommerce at the start of your project.

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