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i3 Digital now an official Kentico Kontent Partner

The team at i3 Digital are delighted to now be an official Kentico Kontent Partner, making us 1 of only 10 in the UK and 50 Globally. As a Digital Agency, we are continually striving to improve both the quality and variety of the services that we provide. Our partnership with Kentico Kontent is another example of our commitment to ensuring that we provide our local and global clients, with the widest possible choice of quality options for the delivery of their digital projects.

Kentico Kontent is Kentico’s new Content as a Service (CaaS) CMS model, which aims to meet a rising demand for technology that boosts productivity, with lower barriers to entry and a flexible pricing model. It is also referenced to as a headless CMS, as it allows you to separate the management of your content from the platform that displays it (e.g. websites, mobile apps, Internet of Things (IoT) devices). This gives organisations and businesses greater flexibility to create digital experiences beyond traditional web-based applications, allowing you to maximise on current and future omni-channel possibilities.

Kentico Kontent Partner, i3 Digital

Adrian Bradley, CEO & Founder of i3 Digital stated:

We are excited about the opportunity to partner with Kentico Kontent to deliver a significant step-change in the future of digital solutions. Kentico has been a valued partner to our business since 2006, and a great team of people to work alongside, as we bring industry-leading digital platforms to organisations and businesses globally. Our partnership with Kentico Kontent adds a new dimension to our ambition to build better digital platforms that make a real difference to our clients' businesses and how they engage with their customers. As a sign of how much confidence we have in the future of Kentico Kontent and its capabilities, our new website has been built utilising the platform.

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