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i3 Digital launches integrated e-Commerce platform for Minneapolis based TSI Inc

i3 Digital came on TSI’s radar because of its skills in delivering a range of .NET based CMS platforms, with in-built enterprise level e-Commerce capabilities.

i3 Digital launches integrated e-Commerce platform for Minneapolis based TSI Inc

Since 1961, TSI Inc. ( has set the standards for excellence in engineering, science, and manufacturing. From particle detection to fluid dynamics to flow meters, TSI has created, designed, built, and continuously improved upon exceptional products that have allowed their customers to tackle tough measurement problems. Being a global company with a focus on delivering exceptional products the TSI team wanted an exceptional digital agency with global experience to work with them on the evolution of their e-Business needs.

The team at TSI Inc. required a digital delivery & technology partner who could assist in the design, custom development and delivery of an enterprise-level, multilingual, B2B e-Commerce and partner distributor portal. The new platform needed to fulfil the e-Business and digital marketing needs of TSI’s seven core business divisions internationally and reflect the range of industries and solutions that they serve and deliver to.

The platform also had to be seamlessly integrated into TSI’s SAP (ERP & CRM) and payment systems. TSI Inc. carried out an extensive vetting process of potential CMS products and associated delivery partners. The i3 Digital team came on TSI’s radar because of its skills in delivering a range of .NET based CMS platforms, which have associated in-built enterprise level e-Commerce capabilities.

Adrian Bradley CEO of i3 Digital stated:

It’s been great working with TSI Inc. and helping them to evolve their business, while also achieving strategic operational efficiencies via digital technologies. Working in a true partnership our teams have created a highly engaging, fully multilingual, enterprise-level e-Commerce platform which meets TSI’s, B2B e-Commerce needs globally. Throughout the design and delivery process, we also focused in on achieving operational efficiencies whilst meeting the needs of a worldwide distributor network. The delivered solution provides a solid, robust, highly secure, tightly integrated digital B2B e-Commerce platform which will help TSI Inc. grow and evolve their business globally. It’s been an exciting project to work on and one that our team is very proud of.

TSI Inc.’s products and instruments can be found globally in hospitals, research labs, pharmaceutical companies, construction sites, industrial companies, on architectural plans, throughout manufacturing plants and out in the field. They partner with research institutions and businesses to set the standard for measurements relating to aerosol science, air flow, chemical analysis, indoor air quality, fluid dynamics, biohazard detection, scrap metal sorting and plastics identification.

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