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i3 Digital kicks-off the New Year with a contract win in Washington DC

i3 Digital has been selected by The American Psychiatric Association (APA) to further assist the organisation as they continue to drive forward in the digital consolidation and modernisation of the APA’s core business lines.

Capitol Hill - Washington DC

The APA recently chose SalesForce as their preferred CRM platform along with ELAN a new Enterprise Resource Planning software for its Publishing operations.

This exciting project will see these platforms being tightly integrated by the i3 Digital team, with Kentico’s core CMS and integrated e-Commerce engine.

The objective of the project will be the delivery of a new fully integrated e-commerce platform to meet the needs of the organisation’s customers plus 37,800 members worldwide and replace the existing legacy web site.

The team from i3 Digital were selected after a competitive bid process. Adrian Bradley, Founder and CEO of i3 Digital stated:

Being awarded this contract is a great start to 2019. It’s an exciting project as the work our team are carrying out will help assist the on-going digital transformation efforts of The American Psychiatric Association. We have been entrusted with the complete design, custom build and integration of their new Kentico CMS based platform which will allow our world-class UX team to showcase their skills.

The awarding of this contract further consolidates i3 Digital’s footprint in the USA, with the Company working with a range of corporate clients from the West to the East coast.

The American Psychiatric Association is Headquartered in Washington DC and represents 37,800 psychiatrists worldwide, providing educational services, research, government relations, publications and membership services.

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