i3 Digital Breaks into American Market with World-Class AR Platform

i3 Digital Ltd announced today that it is deploying one of the most advanced and holistic digital marketing and communications platforms in the United States.

The team at i3 Digital is delivering a customised version of the company’s Immersive Communications and Engagement (ICE) platform, which will support up to 25,000 businesses and attractions in the City and greater Worcester area in Massachusetts. The cutting edge app platform will enable participating organisations to promote, target and interactively engage with visitors and local residents. The company is also in advanced discussions with five other flagship cities across the United States.

The platform provides a dynamic and interactive experience for visitors attending events, conventions, or meetings, and for residents seeking exciting experiences or simply local offers and deals. Worcester’s Chamber of Commerce President, Timothy P. Murray stated, “While i3 Digital’s app platform will greatly enhance the new visitor’s experience in our region, we hope it will also help Worcester’s residents enjoy the many opportunities available to them including arts, sports, nature, retail, and all our other activities.”

Via the app, users can view nearby attractions, buildings, streets and districts including historical information via i3 Digital’s unique “Time Capsule” feature, which includes an interactive timeline. The app also simplifies finding local businesses, deals, news, and events.

“Worcester is vibrant—with 80 arts and cultural destinations, restaurants, retailers, hotels, and transportation providers,” said Christina Andreoli, Executive Director, Destination Worcester, and Vice President, Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce. “i3 Digital’s app provides an easy and convenient way to find exciting venues, take advantage of discounts and deals, and share information with friends and family. It will also help our retail, destination, and entertainment communities, which is a huge benefit.”

Erin Williams, Executive Director of Worcester Cultural Coalition and Chief Cultural Officer for the city of Worcester, said “The new app provides an immersive experience for users, informs them of deals and offers, and assists businesses with their marketing. It’s a win-win for everyone. i3 Digital was the most qualified vendor for this initiative based on an extensive and long-running RFP process. Their communications skills, quality, and proven ability to deliver this product in a timely manner made them the right fit.”

i3 Digital’s CEO Adrian Bradley stated, “Our hard work is now starting to pay off! We knew we had created something world-class that could transcend markets and even continents. This is just the start of our journey, and with our new office in Boston, we intend to push into the market aggressively”

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