Breakfast Bytes 2017 – Content Personalisation Special!

At i3 Digital, we love meeting with the business community and playing host to great digital events!

On Friday 6th January i3 Digital will host 2017’s first installment of the now famous “Breakfast Bytes” seminars. We’ll be taking a special look at why Content Personalization is crucial for businesses in 2017, and how it contributes massively to improved efficiencies. As one of the world’s top Kentico Gold partners, we’ll focus on how Kentico’s intelligent EMS allows you to engage with customers in unprecedented ways, and how it can totally revitalize your overall marketing communications strategy!

Our event runs from 9:00-11:30am on Friday 6th January, and we’ll even throw in a delicious breakfast and plenty of time to network. All we ask is that you arrive ready to engage, debate, and discuss the topic of Content Personalization, and other digital marketing pain points faced by your business.

Our Breakfast Byte events are always fun, informative, and totally laid-back! They are great opportunities for us all to learn and share knowledge, for everyone’s benefit. The digital landscape throughout 2016 moved more quickly than ever before, and 2017 will be even more about adapting to our customers’ needs faster than the competition in order to survive and grow. Our presentation on Content Personalization, and Kentico’s EMS in general, will provide an opportunity to discuss the digital marketing areas that companies are currently struggling with…as well providing a great place to network.

To attend Breakfast Bytes on Friday 6th January – Click Here and leave your details – we’ll be in touch!

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