Marketing Automation with Kentico

In this week’s i3 Digital Blog, we’re talking Marketing Automation with Kentico – what it is, how it works, and how it can benefit every type of organisation from SME’s to blue chip multinationals.

As you’re reading this, you hopefully have a great company website that’s kept updated with fresh and relevant content for your customers and target markets. Your marketing department spends a lot of time trying to drive people to your website, nurturing them into leads. Your sales team then spends hours every week collecting those leads, organising them into categories (such as sector, attractiveness, or geographic location), qualifying the sincerity of them, and then beginning the process of chasing them. The problem…this really isn’t very efficient! Sales people want to focus on what matters to them – selling, and marketers (and I know this personally) want to focus on creating innovative campaigns to give your company a seat at as many tables as possible!

To keep everyone happy and maximise your overall sales funnel process, the solution is Marketing Automation. Simply by automating repetitive and tedious lead generation processes, you free-up your team to focus on the truly important things – bringing in new and repeat business. You essentially align your marketing and sales efforts, and empower the individuals within them to increase revenue.

How Marketing Automation works

As we’ve already discussed in our Lead Scoring and Content Personalisation, thousands of different people visit your website with various levels of engagement. Marketing Automation simply exists to boost visitor engagement across your entire range of visitors.

When your site visitor downloads your brochure (or any other set trigger that you see fit), the Marketing Automation in place automatically triggers a workflow for that specific and unique person. This workflow is especially designed to warm them up to hot leads.

For example, a day after downloading your product brochure, the marketing automation workflow automatically sends your lead an email with a relevant video. Two days later, it may send an automatic email providing a product fact sheet containing relevant client testimonials. A few days after that, it sends another relevant news piece, story or video link. With all of this, you’re not just becoming a much more familiar brand to your lead, you’re establishing yourself as a company that is a true industry expert by providing information that’s specifically of interest to them.

By nurturing your customers this way, you engage them with your business and product, heating them as leads. Your company’s sales team can strike when the lead is warm, hugely improving your chances of a sale.

You may already know that leads tend to buy just after they’ve taken part in your factory tour or a company seminar that you run each month. So, once your own particular workflow is triggered, they are invited to register for the next seminar/event/tour. After attending, these leads are automatically tagged as “visited event”, and can be fed with content that is automatically personalised to them. No more event offers go to them, but instead the “buy now, get a year’s servicing for free” messaging is sent directly to their inbox, which is now much more appropriate. By this stage, the lead is likely to be sizzling, so this is the best time for the system to automatically import them into your CRM. With this invaluable workflow system provided by Marketing Automation, leads can be progressed through your sales process with minimal effort!

That’s not the end of the story, however! Marketing Automation focuses on turning this new, one-time sale into a repeat customer. Firstly, you can upsell on their first purchase by offering the next version up. You can also cross-sell accessories/add-ons at an appropriate time, or offer the cycle-based sale, where products can be replaced “Just-in-Time”.

All of this means your return on investment will shoot through the roof. By automatically upselling, cross selling and cycle-based selling, your sale is actually transformed into a life-long customer…is there a business on the planet that doesn’t crave more of these?

A few points to note

– You can set up any relevant trigger you want for the workflow to start. This could be anything from your lead downloading your company brochure, to entering an online competition or registering for one of your events.
– You can then add an unlimited number of automated steps, and determine how they connect with each other.
– Your workflow will include waiting periods and conditional steps. It will also cover steps that update the contact status, offer newsletter subscriptions, or import the contact into your chosen Customer Relationship Management database.
– You can easily view the list of contacts currently at each step, and move them to other steps manually as you see fit.
– Got a monthly Sales and Marketing meeting coming up? You can easily check the reporting of your workflow at any time.

Don’t associate Marketing Automation with removing the personal touch to selling. Marketing Automation is not designed to replace a human selling strategy. Instead, it’s a superb way of equipping your sales team to engage in a way that they never could before. People still buy from people, this is to help your people sell smarter and therefore sell more!

Hopefully this blog article communicates how using Marketing Automation within your company website really does encourage the sales readiness of all your leads. The technology boosts the marketing and sales productivity and efficiency of your business, maximises sales revenues, and hugely increases your levels of engagement with your leads via enhanced targeting of messages.

Remember, in today’s world of information overload across your customer base, staying relevant is key! Marketing Automation and Kentico’s other EMS tools really do allow you to stand out!

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