Lead Scoring – Your Key to a New World of Efficiency

Following on from our Content Personalisation and A/B Testing blog posts, we’re discussing Lead Scoring with Kentico, and how it can be one of the most effective tools in your sales and marketing repertoire!

If you’re lucky, you’ve already got a great website that attracts hundreds or thousands of visitors each month. However, the fact is you never really know which visitors are genuinely interested in your business. Some leads land on your website by total accident, others are looking at what you offer but are just kicking tyres and aren’t yet ready to talk. However, some of your other visitors are already very clued-up about what your business does and are ready to buy! It’s this set of visitors that you need to be talking to right now…but how do you find these needles in your haystack?

Well, this is where Lead Scoring comes in. Lead Scoring allows businesses and organisations to clearly identify their hottest leads and target them first. They can then work through leads that are warm, focussing on instilling trust with those that need to be engaged a bit more before they’re ready to buy from you. As for the others (the tyre kickers); forget about them for now so none of your precious time is wasted. Sound good?

How Lead Scoring Works

As a visitor browses your website, Lead Scoring within Kentico’s EMS (Enterprise Marketing Solution) traces his or her actions. It sees and analyses what that specific visitor does, watches, clicks on or downloads, and whether that visitor returns to your site again for another look at your business.

For each of these activities your visitor undertakes they are allocated Lead Scoring Points, which notify you of how much they have learned about your business, products or service offerings so far. This is IMPLICIT DATA that your Lead Scoring technology gathers automatically, learning about each visitor’s engagement with your business. Implicit Data includes things like how many pages your visitor viewed, how many times they came to your site, which videos they watched, and what they downloaded. You can of course choose what types of implicit data you want collect, depending on what’s important and relevant to your business.

In addition to implicit data, your website visitor may also provide you with personal data when they fill in your monthly newsletter subscription form, complete one of your online surveys, or enter a competition. This is EXPLICIT DATA, and demonstrates how well your website visitor “fits” your business. Explicit data includes other aspects such as their geographic region, phone number, job title and email address.

By scoring each visitor using Lead Scoring rules that you set yourself, you can identify a visitor who both scores well in terms of engagement AND how well they fit your business. I think the term for this level of intelligence is…BOOM!

Now that your needles in the haystack have been intelligently identified, you now need to see clearly who they are. Lead Scoring technology groups all your website visitors according to their overall scores, with those in your hot lead level being placed in a group called “A1”. You may wish to call this your “Nice little nugget group”, the “land of milk and honey”, your “galaxy of little stars” or anything else you fancy. The important thing is that each separate lead is allocated to a group within a chart. The further your lead is to the right of the chart, the more engaged he or she is. The higher up, the better they fit your business. Therefore, the green “A1” group in the top right are ready to buy, so these can now get an immediate response from your sales team. The orange group are undecided so require further nurturing via your other marketing methods, and the red “tyre kickers” can be abandoned for now.

Lead Scoring Picture

So there you have it, i3 Digital’s guide to Lead Scoring. Hopefully we’ve shown how effective and efficient Lead Scoring can make your company’s overall Sales and Marketing processes. Talk to us today about how it could help your business and transform your marketing into a process that really bares fruit!

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