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UX tips for Boosting Customer Engagement & eCommerce Sales

According to the Nielsen Norman Group, there are over 800 best practices for e-commerce usability. The combination of strong research and usability awareness (users expect speed, simple navigation, great search functionality, mobile optimisation and high-quality imagery). These factors should steer your site towards a more intuitive e-commerce experience.

The following are some of the technics that top businesses are utilising to boost to their customer engagement, increase conversions and eCommerce sales:

Uniform Navigation

Consistency makes it easier for your users to navigate because they are not consciously thinking about their interactions. A uniform approach to navigation, mega menus, call to actions, and breadcrumbs will help make your users feel comfortable, happy, and will motivate them to remain engaged.

Ideally, the fewer levels people need to click through, the quicker and least confusing it should be for them to access what they want. Good navigation will allow users to rely on recognition rather than recall. It needs to be uniform, short enough to scan, but long enough to be clear and understood.

The deeper a hierarchy becomes, the more likely visitors are to become disoriented.

Nielsen Norman Group

Improved Search

Many online retailers are focusing on improved search features as users are opting to search for products rather than navigate pages. For example, to reduce the interaction time, Amazon increased the search box’s width and positioned it closer to the address bar. Ensuring people can reach the search box almost instantly.

Help your users search by including suggestions. These become an expected sign of a well-designed search feature. Search suggestions have the benefit of informing users of the range of products or options offered by the site. Especially those that the user may not be aware of.

  • Don’t Suggest Poor Results:

Make sure every suggested query actually has good, relevant results.

  • Use Text Styling to differentiate parts:

Ensure a visual difference between the user’s input, and the suggestion to complete the query.

  • Consider Including More than Simple Query Recommendations:

Beyond just completing a user’s query, the search suggestions dropdown can include links to other types of related content. For example; Category pages, Product-detail pages, Resources/articles.

Interactive Product Visualisation

High definition, multi-angle images, with super zoom capabilities can allow users to analyse products more rigorously. This type of interaction provides the experience similar to being in-store and having a tangible product in your hand. Aiding users in making educated purchase decisions.

As consumers around the world spend more time watching video content like product reviews on Youtube, we will see it expand boundaries in eCommerce as well. A great example is ASOS and their video catwalk. Customers can actually see what an outfit looks like and is an immensely engaging and fulfilling experience.

Currys PC World take this product visualization another step further using Augmented Reality via their Point & Place App. This gives the user a chance to best experience the product in their actual environment and adds another level of visual information, interaction and delight to the overall user experience.

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