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Kentico EMS vs Kentico Cloud

Which should you pick?

We are seeing more and more traditional CMS companies such as Sitecore and Kentico changing their pricing models and introducing cloud-based solutions.

In this article, we explore how Kentico Cloud compares against Kentico EMS for a range of project types.

1. Simple Brochure Websites

Waterfront Website Build Project | i3 Digital

For those of you who don’t know this yet the advantage of Kentico Cloud versus Kentico CMS is speed to market.

As per the marketing rhetoric, the ‘Cloud’ product requires much less in the way of configuration before being deployed. The drawback is that by the nature of being a true software as a service offering you do have to work within the product parameters.

The separation of concerns (front and back end) offered by the cloud approach means that there shouldn’t be limitations on the design. It is more likely that frustrations will come in how the CMS works and the modules that there are to work with.

All that said, most of the time people who want brochure websites care about how the thing looks more than how it is managed via the CMS.

Verdict: Kentico Cloud

2. eCommerce platforms

TSI Inc eCommerce Website Project | i3 Digital

This is an area where you’re more than likely going to end up going with the traditional product rather than the Cloud platform. There are two main reasons for this:

  1. The core eCommerce functionality in the Cloud product is a very small subset of what is available in Kentico EMS.
  2. The uCommerce connector which adds additional eCommerce options is only available in the original Kentico product set.

There is the option with Kentico Cloud to use it as a content interface on top of an eCommerce engine such as Magento. Clients thinking of doing this are likely to be comparing Kentico Cloud against other systems like Perch, Contentful and Prismic which puts the Cloud version into a very competitive space.

Verdict: Kentico EMS

3. Integrated Lead Generation websites

Smiths Interconnect eCommerce Website Project | i3 Digital

This is a tricky one.

In some ways, the new Cloud product offers Kentico the chance to be involved in slightly different projects. The old proposition of being an all in one solution does not necessarily fit with more modern thinking on a range of systems working together to deliver better customer experiences. An example of this is that by not competing with vendors like Hubspot and Salesforce Pardot on Marketing Automation we might see Kentico Cloud deployed as the content provider on larger bigger brand projects.

Having said this the all in one solution still has its place in the digital strategy of some organisations, especially those who are trying to grow quickly or manage a sophisticated digital plan with limited internal resources. We still get enquiries for Kentico EMS from organisations like this… who want one system to run their business and not a browser with endless tabs linking off to all sorts of systems.

Verdict: 50/50

4. Digital Transformation

Maxis GBN Corporate Website Project | i3 Digital

Still, nobody quite knows what this means. I’ve come to the following definition:

“Stick loads more customer services and business functions onto the website”

These sorts of projects have lots of integrations, lots of stakeholders and more often than not some heavyweight systems involved. But does the CMS have to be one of those expensive bits of implementation?

The truth is it depends on what you’re trying to do. Many of the digital transformations I’ve seen are based on a massive API layer which sits between the business-facing systems and the customer interface. In this sort of situation, you could build the case for using Kentico Cloud over Kentico EMS.

After all, what’s the point in paying for a workflow engine and marketing automation tools if the reality is that this will be done via a CRM or Customer Loyalty system? That said, we’re still seeing a lot of transformation projects where Marketing Automation and case management is on the table and therefore a better featured CMS remains popular.

On the other side of things, there are digital transformation projects where the CMS is the only bit of modern technology in the mix. In this situation where CRM’s, ERP’s or Membership systems are not cloud-ready Kentico EMS is the sensible choice.

Verdict: 70:30 in favour of Kentico EMS

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