Insights from Kentico Connection Prague 2018

We recently attended the annual two day Kentico Connection event in Prague, were the Kentico team provided us with tantalising sneak peeks into the latest developments in the soon to be released Kentico v12, as well as advancements taking place with the Kentico Cloud solution.

Kicking the event off in the grand Lobkowicz Palace, Kentico’s CEO Petr Palas and VP of Product Karol Jarkovsky took us through what the future will look like for Kentico’s solutions and where the Web Content management industry is heading. We were then treated to a very eye-opening keynote presentation on the art of storytelling by Hamish Taylor (former British Airways, P&G and Eurostar CEO).



Presenting the new feature-rich Kentico v12

During the event, we got confirmation of the much-anticipated launch date for Kentico v12, codenamed Raptor. The launch will be on 27th November 2018, bringing with it some fundamental and exciting improvements to performance, speed to market and overall user experience.

The most headline-grabbing and significant of the coming enhancements is the move from a platform based on web forms, to a Model View Controller (MVC) first approach. The move to MVC has been broadly well received, as the existing approach using ASP.Net web forms is a little outdated, with even Microsoft attempting to retire it last year. The move to MVC will also mean fundamental improvements for developers, content editors, project planners and budget-holders alike.

Key features and benefits will include;

  • Simplified development process – giving Dev teams more flexibility, reducing project timescales and saving on overall project costs
  • Easier upgrades – historically challenging and relatively expensive, the separation between application and ‘Mother’ will mean that the process is a lot easier
  • Greater control – gives content editors an interface that is simpler and more intuitive to use

Kentico has now confirmed that web forms will only be supported within versions up until 2022, the recommendation is that any new Kentico solutions developed moving forwards should be done so in MVC.

For marketers, Kentico v12 offers some exciting improvements;

  • Landing pages and form builder reinvention – users will have at their fingertips a more intuitive and user-friendly editor
  • Easier route to increased conversions – Content personalisation options have been improved, meaning more opportunities to ensure that your visitors see the right content at the right time and in the right place
  • Smart data mining – forms that will display different fields to website visitors depending on the information they have already filled in the past. Making forms more relevant, less time-consuming and easier to gather additional data about your visitors

Kentico v12 will also bring with it a new scalable licensing model, that will better accommodate the dynamic and flexible server scaling options currently provided by most other cloud hosting solutions.

These will be available in (three) options or tiers;

  • Auto Scalable Licensing – for clients with unpredictable traffic and performance requirements
  • Planned Scalable Licensing – for clients with predictable or seasonal fluctuation in traffic and performance requirements
  • Emergency Scalable Licensing – for clients with little/no fluctuation in traffic and performance requirements, but want to safeguard against demand spikes related to random events


Kentico Cloud (headless CMS)


Kentico Cloud is Kentico’s SAAS (Software as a Service) offering, which was launched a few years ago. The headless nature of this CMS comes from the fact that it’s a platform which manages and serves content independently of any one channel.

This is ideal for situations where multiple websites or other content delivery mechanisms are required (e.g. on multiple different CMS platforms), Kentico Cloud sits in the middle and acts as the central content repository accessed through APIs. Another use case is that it can be used as a cost-effective cloud-based CMS platform, without the added upgrade costs associated with traditional CMS platforms.

As major advances are being made in Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions, making it possible to deliver content to users through other channels (e.g. IOT, voice assistance such as Amazon Echo and Alexa) and not just standard websites, it’s becoming more important for content to be stored in less restrictive ways. Kentico Cloud is one of the few platforms at the forefront of addressing this growing need, with their stated mission to help eliminate content friction.

Such features as Autonomous AI-powered personalisation, making it possible to utilise real-time behavioural targeting. A recent announcement of the platform’s integration with Recombee (a content recommendation engine), is an interesting step forward. Recombee will allow for immediate (less than 200 milliseconds), real-time content recommendations based on user’s immediate actions on your website.

We certainly cannot wait for the launch of Kentico 12 and to start utilising its new capabilities to help design and develop even better digital solutions for our clients, which deliver greater results and enhanced experiences for their customers.

To find out more about the features and benefits of Kentico 12 and how we can help you upgrade your Kentico CMS call or email our Customer Success Manager – Eddie Ryce 02890 447 800 or

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