Hello and Merry Christmas!

Well, I guess we should kick off with a “Hello”, or perhaps a “Merry Christmas”! Or, given that this is our very first blog, perhaps a “Welcome” might be better? Whichever is best, we’re delighted you’ve taken the time to check in. Our blog will be a big part of i3 Digital’s communications in 2015 and, to be honest, we had originally planned to start it in January. But then we thought that ignoring the year that’s passed (or even the month of December) would be a massive oversight on our part.

For any business, this time of year is a good time to reflect the year that’s almost complete, and strategically plan the 12-month period ahead. What did we do well? What failed miserably? How can we be better next time? How do I stay away from the new bakery in 2015? These are all things that need addressed!

As you know, in our industry things move VERY fast. In the time it’s taken you to read this blog (roughly 30 seconds), over 215,000 tweets have been posted, 2.5 million YouTube videos watched, 286 new websites launched, and 13,000 items have been purchased on Amazon alone. Keeping up with that could make looking back seem like a waste of precious time, but that’s a temptation to avoid (again, like the 75 million spam emails sent in the 30 seconds you’ve been reading this post).

i3 Digital looks back on 2014 with a huge amount of pride. We are now, without doubt, a brand that is more recognised and admired than at any time in our 17-year history. The past twelve months have seen us pick up numerous awards across our marketplaces, and been finalists for dozens more accolades, some of which we haven’t even entered before! We’ve won a hat-trick of Appys for our clients this year, the first Northern Irish agency ever to do so. We were also delighted to be finalists in the Agency of the Year award at the Chartered Institute of Marketing’s annual awards (for a purely digital agency, that really isn’t bad!), and we’ve been making more noise at the Web Awards (another three this year).

Over 90 delegates from 70 different organisations joined us on the 4th December for i3 Digital’s Titanic Digitising Marketing Event – the biggest seminar we’ve ever held…the fact that we had to roll out the “emergency chairs” brought a huge smile to our faces! You can see more (and I’d recommend watching our video) on our Event Page – /Event/I3-Digital-Advanced-Digital-Marketing-Business. Huge thanks goes to our 4 amazing speakers – Russell Moore, Chris Cairns, Niall McKeown and our very own Adrian Bradley…we’ve been inundated with compliments, and feedback on all four presentations has been unreal! Thanks guys!

In 2014 we also launched the brand new i3 Digital website. Our old site was a little tired (or as it was put to me, the equivalent of having a slightly chubby personal trainer), so a complete overhaul was made this year and we’re delighted with the outcome! The new site is the perfect place to demonstrate our strengths via showcasing our fantastic clients. It’s a fully responsive site (obviously!) and its clean and light feel is much more suitable to our brand. The cobbler has a beautiful new pair of shoes!

One promise I make to you is that our blogs will be a simple, short read. With that being said, may I just take this opportunity to welcome you again to our new communications tool. On behalf of Adrian and everyone at i3 Digital, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2015. We will certainly enjoy our Christmas break (closed 24th December – 5th January 2015), but we can’t wait to hit the ground running in 2015.

Bye for now,


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