‘GDPR and Digital Project Planning’ – a Webinar Replay

What makes digital transformation projects different from bog-standard website projects is the number of internal and external stakeholders who are involved in the project process. The reality is that most of the time, departments outside of IT and Marketing such as Customer Services, Finance, and even Senior Management Teams are kept at arm’s length. Or Consulted and Informed.

During this webinar, Leading Digital Engagement Specialists Eddie Ryce, Jon Eaton and Robin Williams shared insights on how overarching customer acquisition strategies and accompanying technology infrastructure, will have to consider how customers can be forgotten as much as how we gather information on them in the first place across all aspects of businesses.

Key takeaways were:

– What the new GDPR rules mean and what you need to do before 25th May 2018

– How the new GDPR rules affect marketing automation and web personalisation strategies

– How to get to a Single Point of User Data (SPUD)

– How your CMS and CRM can work together to minimise business disruption

Watch a full replay of the webinar below:

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