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‘2019 Digital Trends’ Webinar

With 93% of companies surveyed by Pure360 seeing an uplift in conversion rates from tailoring customer experiences and interaction, methods such as personalisation, marketing automation and AI-powered technologies will be taking centre stage amongst the digital trends in 2019.

Join Digital Specialists Eddie Ryce, Keith Gutu & Kim MacKenzie on Thursday, 31st January, for the next episode of our webinar series. Who will be sharing great insights on the Digital Trends that are set to shape 2019.

Key takeaways will be:

    • How visual search works & will evolve eCommerce
    • How artificial intelligence is going to start to play a leading role in strategy and content marketing
    • How Machine learning is revolutionising online personalisation
    • The new emerging technologies, tactics and methods that are going to impact digital marketing

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Date: Thursday 31st January 2019

Time: 3pm GMT | 9am CST | 10am ET

Duration: 30 minutes plus Q&A



Kim MacKenzie

Senior Digital Account Manager, i3 Digital





Eddie Ryce

Customer Success Manager, i3 Digital




Website spring clean


Keith Gutu

Marketing Account Manager, i3 Digital





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