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Does your website meet accessibility standards?

According to a recent study by WebAIM, over 98% of the top 1 million websites have homepages that fail accessibility standards.

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Why is accessibility important?

Alongside the legal and compliance obligations that businesses have, especially after the recent well-documented lawsuits and rulings. The biggest motivation to ensure the accessibility of your websites and online resources should be inclusion.

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Why are leading global organisations prioritising accessibility?

The content, design or structure of a website should be presented in such a way that does not prevent its use by a user affected with any form of disability. It is estimated that such households with at least one disabled person have a total potential spending power of $249Bn each year. Can your business really afford to continue to exclude these users?

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What can your business do to become accessibility compliant?

The good news is that in the majority of cases, this is not a difficult, complex or costly process. Often the changes needed are simple configurations or slight tweaks in design to accommodate all methods of access (such as fully supporting screen readers for visually impaired users.)

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Our Experience

As an award-winning Digital Agency with more than 20 years of experience, our team of UX Designers and certified Developers are experts in designing, developing and optimising website solutions for some of the world’s leading organisations with accessibility guidelines at the forefront.

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Our Audit

We are offering to carry out a completely FREE comprehensive Website Accessibility audit on your online resources to determine if your website meets all current accessibility guidelines. This is normally completed within 5 working days, including the production of a detailed summary report of the results and our recommendations where applicable.

Request your Free Accessibility Check

It’s a positive first step towards providing a much more inclusive online experience and it’s 100% free. All we ask is that you allow us to discuss the results and our recommendations with you before acting on them.

To request your Accessibility Check, simply fill in our quick form below.


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