Content Personalisation

Content Personalisation

Your website visitors aren’t the same, so don’t bore all of them with the same old content! The remedy is Content Personalisation!

Every person reading this across each unique business or organisations is quite different. You’ll all have different things going on today, different blessings, concerns, issues, priorities, and different plans for lunch! In the exact same way, each of your own company’s website visitors have their own interests, goals, and personalities. This is a fact of life, and something to be celebrated – how dull life would be if we weren’t all unique! However, despite all your website visitors having such diverse needs and personalities, they’re all seeing the exact same content when they land on your website home page. It’s not really ideal, is it? If we know that each of us have different triggers that push our buttons, why do we expect all of them to push the same one on our website – that same call to action!?

Many businesses aren’t aware that there’s a solution to this, and it’s called Content Personalisation. Content Personalisation simply allows you to deliver the right corporate message to the right person at the right time in the right form – Marketing in a nutshell!

How Content Personalisation works

Your website, and the products and services it showcases, may well be very popular, but each visitor arrives with a different aim. Take the person on your website right now, at this very minute. For sake of argument, we’ll call him “Interested Lead 311”, and he wants to buy a product that you sell, (let’s say) a large mahogany book case. Interested Lead 311 found your site (and you may sell all types of furniture) by typing a product “large book cases” into Google.

He has landed on your homepage, which shows the same generic content that everyone else sees on your site. This includes information on your forthcoming beds sale, your living room reading lamps, and perhaps your latest blog about a fabulous new range of swivel chairs! This might be okay normally, but we already know that Interested Lead 311 wants a particular product – a book case. We should therefore focus his landing page on your fabulous range of book cases. Additionally, we also know he wants a large book case (because he typed “large book cases” into Google), so why not list your range of book cases in order of size? If the IP address places Interested Lead 311 in Lisburn, we can also display your special “Free Delivery in NI/Co Antrim” offer on his landing page.

Now when that same visitor arrives on your website, he sees content tailored to his specific aims and interests – making a huge impact! As he browses all product information on your book cases, his interest grows, and he consumes lots more of your online content. He may also sign up to your monthly e-zine, so when he leaves the site we can email him content specific to his interests, which we can easily identify from his browsing history of your site.

Lured back again to your fantastically tailored website the next day, his high Lead Score (which we will talk about in another blog very soon) can trigger your live chat window to see if he needs help. Interested Lead 311 is now sold! Boom!

The Personalisation process doesn’t stop there, though! You now have his name (it’s John, by the way), address, and payment details from the sale. Therefore, your “Thank You, Customer” follow-up email can now read “Thank you, John! We thank you for your purchase and we hope you love your new Book Case”. This sounds so simple, but it has such a huge impact!

You can now send John highly relevant and helpful content that will really benefit him and his purchase. You’re also in the unique position of knowing that John Williams from Lisburn now owns a large book case, so now is the time to cross-sell (I don’t know…polish maybe? I didn’t consider the cross-selling implications when I thought of using a book case as an example!). A genuine relationship has now been established and trust has been won! John is no longer “Interested Lead 311”, but a loyal customer!

Next time John needs anything remotely related (more polish? Or perhaps a matching desk?), he’s sure to visit your site again. This is the perfect time to show you remember him when he logs onto your website (Hello, John!), and ask him to provide a testimonial. So, by collecting customer context, behaviour and demographics, Content Personalisation improves your visitors’ experience to gives them exactly what they want to make them more loyal to your company or brand.

All in all, i3 Digital can build a website for your business that includes Content Personalisation, bringing increased engagement with your website visitors, higher conversion rates, shorter sales cycles, and much higher levels of loyalty! Contact us any time to find out more!

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