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Content Marketers like UX Designers tend to want free reign to come up with compelling content which gets users to take some sort of action. Like UXD’s they sometimes complain about the restrictions imposed by working within a CMS which is why some of the best examples of this sort of content are built purely in HTML and CSS.

The pragmatic thinkers at i3 recognise that whilst we are strong advocates of CMS technology it doesn’t suit every scenario. This article explores two ways that CMS products can enhance your content marketing efforts rather than fight against it.

Kentico Cloud

Kentico Cloud is more of a content repository than a structured publishing platform with page templates, widgets and all the fun and games which comes with trying to execute a very precise front end presentation.

Content Marketing

Why is this important? Kentico Cloud allows you to inject text content into your content marketing campaign pieces without any negative impact. The result of this is that you can create a more flexible editorial process for producing Content Marketing pieces rather than waiting for creative, editorial and development teams to complete their work separately. Net result; Content Marketing goes live quicker.

Marketing Automation in Sitecore and Kentico

One of the frustrations of bottom-line focused boardrooms with Content Marketing is that much of it seems to driven by raising brand awareness rather than pushing leads and sales.

Many Content Marketers would defend this position by stating that it is actually quite difficult to create content which converts. Marketing Automation can help to bridge this gap by presenting content designed to convert visitors at the appropriate time in the user journey. This will allow content teams to create content based on insights about what the user has seen before getting to that point. Upsetting users who are not sales ready is avoided too.

Why would you run your Marketing Automation from your CMS?

For most organisations, initial conversions with customers start with online conversions. Most of which are via the website. Tools like Kentico and Sitecore track anonymous visitors before they convert into known contacts. This means that if someone fulfils all of the criteria to see a piece of content prior to signing up for a newsletter you can circumvent all of the steps necessary in a standalone Marketing Automation tool to qualify that someone is ready to see a piece of conversion focussed content.

Check out how we got Kentico EMS working for one of the world’s largest construction companies:
Content Marketing


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