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The ICE Platform

No other platform allows for the combining of the real and virtual worlds to create a dynamic, immersive, interactive, targeted marketing experience when on the move.  The planets have finally aligned. We now have smartphone pocket devices with the processing power and screen capabilities to allow for the delivery of more immersive, augmented communication experiences and engagements.  Combine this with faster 4G/LTE mobile networks and free WiFi for delivery of data, the reduction plus flat lining in phone roaming charges and we have a potential Valhalla for ICE!


Our ICE Platform has been developed to allow for the creation of innovative local Business, Tourism, and Community information channels on iOS and Android devices. By combining augmented reality, location-aware services, geo-targeted and contextualised information, ICE is truly unique.  All the data is maintained via a secure integrated cloud-based content delivery and management platform.

Key Benefits and Features

– A totally engaging visitor experience utilising the wow factor of AR Technology

– Local economic driver stimulating footfall & revenue generation for businesses and attractions
– Complete controllability by destination managers and approved businesses over promotions, offers, incentives, news and events
– Fulfilling the Holy Grail of Marketing with 1-2-1 Promotions, Messaging & Notification capabilities
– Localised Geo-Location Targeting and Notification – Users can be targeted within a 6-feet radius of a point of interest or business.
– Unique Time Capsule Feature which allows users to step back in time to view historical images, videos and info on a destination.
– Brings users right to a merchants or attractions door as fully integrated with Google maps & directions
– Businesses can facilitate off-line to digital campaigns with inbuilt Quick Response (QR) functionality
– Full support for embedded social media channels

What We Delivered

ICE Platform is Cloud ready and provides comprehensive user and information management with full management of all categories and information within the native iOS and Android apps.  Businesses simply register online and await approval. On approval businesses can amend data online (details/promotions/news/events/image gallery) via a user-friendly web interface.  A Business or attraction can feature in multiple categories if relevant.