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Safefood is a public organisation with functions and a remit in the area of Food Safety, Food Allergy, Nutrition, and tackling the obesity problem on the Island of Ireland. The organisation required a website to clearly promote food safety, communicate nutritional advice, endorse scientific co-operation, provide independent scientific advice, and deliver a consumer-focused review service. Overall, Safefood required new CMS deployment and development of its Group and ancillary websites.

i3 Digital began by gathering and defining Safefood’s requirements, and facilitating stakeholder and key consumer workshops. We carried out full graphic redesign of key screens on the main www.safefood.eu site, and migrated them to a brand new CMS. We deployed a Kentico CMS upgrade, and migrated Safefood’s existing custom .Net components from the incumbent EPiServer platform.


Additional functions undertaken included system testing, set-up and supply of a new virtual hosting environment, deployment to the new environment, project management, consultancy and design services, and user journey validation. The work incorporated rebuilding the main site front end to be responsive for smart phones and tablet devices, a key Safefood requirement.

Kentico CMS provided content creators and contributors a web-based, user-friendly, accessibility-compliant, intuitive, and effective means of publishing web content. The organisation’s distributed approach to content delivery is supported by robust security levels, effective workflow management, and provision of significant collaboration support. This allows staff to collaborate on content creation in a cost-effective manner across geographic and technological boundaries. Fundamentally, the safefood.eu content administration team received an extremely user friendly, flexible and scalable CMS.

Kentico CMS provides a solution which supports Safefood’s online marketing efforts and provides friendly URLs that compliment its promotional campaigns. The solution delivers a resource that supports Safefood’s brand guidelines and provides a key communication and campaign management tool for all marketing efforts, which is complimented by an SEO strategy and Google Analytics.

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What We Delivered

“Safefood’s 3 websites (Safefood.eu, Littlesteps.eu and weigh2live.eu) complement the work we do in all our functions. Our previous CMS proved cumbersome, whereby carrying out developments was painfully slow and very user un-friendly. Developers spent vast time and financial resources changing even the simplest functionality on the websites. We contacted i3 Digital, who had experience of our incumbent CMS and also offered alternative, better-value CMS platforms. i3 Digital delivered on time, to budget, and was great to work with. Relevant Safefood staff are now fully trained in using Kentico, and our websites are much better and considerably more user friendly.

As an organisation we are now back in control digitally. Once complex tasks are now simple on our new CMS, and where there used to be bottlenecks or delays from developers, work is now carried out by our administration team. The CMS and service delivered by i3 Digital are invaluable, and Safefood is much more productive as a result.  The combination of i3 Digital and Kentico CMS has been a game changer for Safefood.”

Richard Murphy, Safefood.