‘Which are the Best CMS and CRM Solutions?’ a Webinar Replay

Here at i3 Digital, we’ve got plenty of experience of integrating .Net CMS platforms like Sitecore, Kentico, and Episerver with CRM functions.

During the recent episode of our webinar series, Leading Digital Specialist Jon Eaton focused on which Content Management systems are best at facilitating common types of integration and disclosed which CRM systems are proven to be the best bedfellows.

Key takeaways were:

– What are the best CRM and CMS combinations?
– Why bi-directional CMS / CRM integration could be key to unlocking your personalisation strategy
– CMS, CRM, and GDPR – what you need to know
– What sort of website and app activity can be recorded in your CRM?

Watch a full replay of the webinar below:

2018 Digital Trends


Jon Eaton

Head of Digital Strategy, i3 Digital

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