A/B Testing Explained

You’ve got a great company website and it’s doing great work. You’re using blogs, SEO, and a solid social media strategy (amongst others) to bring leads to it, and it’s doing a sterling job of guiding visitors through their customer journeys. It provides loads of information on your company, your products, is full of great testimonials and it looks exactly how you wanted it!

That’s great, and it’s how it should be! However, no matter what, there is always room for improvement, optimisation and growth, and this is true for both small companies and global enterprises.
In all markets, client needs evolve, new technologies are released, tastes change, competition grows and uncertainties…well, they’re a certainty! Many organisations struggle with knowing what and where to optimise online, because it genuinely isn’t easy! However, a lot of this comes from the fact that they never actually “know”, but guess.

The only (and I genuinely mean the only) true expert in knowing how to optimise your website is not your MD, your Marketing Manager, your UX Designer, Head of Technical or anyone else in your company! Quite simply, the only true experts are your website visitors, and again, this is true of any organisation, business or membership based group. A/B Testing (a brilliant part of Kentico’s EMS) means we can forget the guesswork and discover a clear, undisputable and precise understanding of what your company’s leads and potential customers respond to and engage with most. It allows us to question our long-held assumptions, and put real data into results-based action.

How it works

If your business is running a new campaign (for example to launch a new product), it needs to make the best possible impact on its campaign homepage. It may currently contain your logo, an image, an email address subscription form and a strapline – yawn!!

Perhaps a different image would work better and have a stronger resonance or impact with your website visitors. A/B Testing allows you to indirectly ask them to define exactly that! Using A/B Testing, organisations can split the (for sake of argument) four image variants you’ve all been arguing over for the past week across your visitors and compare the results of each. Clear analytics lets you see which variant wins in terms of click through or conversion rates, and then with the click of a mouse you can switch all visitors to that winning version. You can also look your boss in the eye, and demonstrate without any doubt that the image selected is categorically better for business!

Having already dramatically increased conversion rates, you can further optimise your new campaign page (and your organisation’s entire website) by testing other individual elements on it such as the tone of the language used, the headings, layouts, Calls To Action, and subscription forms. You can also test your newsletters and e-zines in the same way to ensure you’re optimising all channels and getting every ounce of benefit from your online marketing communications.

And the benefit of running simple A/B Tests? Better resonance and engagement with your audience, boosted conversion rates, and increased ROI’s. Unlike those website images and sizes of the CTA buttons, that’s something we can all agree on!

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