6 Things to Consider Before Building Your App

So you’ve done your research and now’s the time to have an app built for your business. You know exactly what your app will do, and the value it will deliver your company or your customers. You’ve liaised with your colleagues and customers, and your marketing department has researched the idea to within an inch of its life – green light given!

At i3 Digital, we build award-winning apps for businesses and organisations, including some of Ireland’s top apps of all time. Asking our clients certain questions is crucial in orchestrating a project that flows well from start to finish, resulting in true success for everyone involved.

To help you kick-off your app process, here’s a few fundamental things to consider that are part of our initial processes with app clients. Of course – we help you with all of this at the start of the process, and make sure the project remains on point throughout it until we’ve delivered your shiny new app!

To discuss your own app project, i3 Digital is here to help, so give us a call!

Your app elevator pitch

By developing your app elevator pitch (that 10 second summary of what your app actually is and what it does), you’ll gain a true understanding of the crux of the product. The clearer you are on this, the more focused you’ll be about what the app needs to do, the pain point(s) it addresses, who will use it, why they’ll use it, and how it will work. Don’t just do this yourself – sit round a table and decide amongst your team – we guarantee you won’t start with the same answers! Following on from that…

What are your app’s key business objectives?

There’s no one purpose or reason for apps, you just have to be clear on yours. Do you want it to boost your turnover or perhaps it’s to open your organisation up to a new target consumer or territory? Is it to purely increase sales and overall turnover from your existing customers, or is it solely aimed at a new sector to your traditional business? All of these are totally valid objectives and reasons to build your app, but you need to be clear about its purpose. Answers to these questions will have a huge influence on how we design and build your app, so it’s vital to be clear about these areas.

Who will use the app?

Be clear who your app will serve, and what issues it will solve for them. There’s no point in going any further if you’re not absolutely sure on both of these points. Don’t fall into the trap of wanting an app simply for the sake of it – you could discover that a mobile responsive website is an even better way to solve the problems you’ve detected. If that’s the case…identifying this now is a MASSIVE result! If an app is definitely the best platform, decide what devices your target audience/market are most likely to use.

What’s your deadline?

Is your app linked to other activity within your company, such as a rebrand or product launch? Sophisticated app projects take time to consider, design, build, test, admit to app stores, and launch – so make sure you’re realistic about timeframes and plan accordingly.

What’s your budget?

You didn’t expect this to NOT feature, did you? It always does, simply because it’s absolutely crucial to know your budget from the off. Of course you want as much functionality for as little expenditure as possible, but app projects are incredibly difficult to allocate price estimates on. You therefore need to at least provide a range of what you’re expecting and willing to invest in your app. Don’t forget to also consider the ongoing expenditure once your app is live (such as hosting, future optimisation, and upscaling in the future).

This all sounds very serious so early on. It’s not, it’s just so you can be sure you can achieve what you want, for what you’re willing to invest in the short and long term.

What are your other underlying assumptions?

Does your app need to work across tablets and mobiles, and if so, does it matter if this is achieved in one version that resizes, or would you prefer one app build for both? Will your app have to connect with wearables or Internet of Things devices? Are you concerned about what languages the app is built in?

These are just a few things to consider with your app agency of choice (surely that will be us, right?) when you’re serious about developing an app for your business. All of the above are underlying assumptions that i3 Digital and other great app development agencies will help you underpin long before any development is undertaken.

The team at i3 Digital will explain and discuss these and many more aspects with you so you’re fully confident and 100% behind your app project. Our tried, tested, and award-winning process ensure your end result is absolutely perfect for your organisational needs!

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