10 Things We Learned at Digital DNA

Now that the dust has settled on Digital DNA’s Business Conference, here are the top 10 things I personally took away from the presenters. I could easily have added 10 more, but it’s Friday afternoon and nobody wants an essay! Thanks to Eleanor McEvoy, Grant Leboff, Michael O’Hara and Jeremiah Grossman for these!

1-    Belfast is seriously lacking Mobile First Data Sets. We only have 6, whilst NYC has over 1300! The lack of data sets can be seen when you try to Google Map a journey from Belfast to Londonderry in public transport (going via Dublin really isn’t necessary!).

2-    To avoid criticism – say nothing, do nothing, and be nothing! What’s the point in that!?

3-    Performing a hack on auction websites to pretty much guarantee you win is REALLY simple (message me if you want to know how).

4-    Mobile web security is about 10 years behind website security, be warned (and take note, teenagers of Ulster!).

5-    Have a clear elevator pitch. People in the digital and tech industries are particularly bad at communicating what precisely they do! Refine yours and make sure people in all industries can quickly understand it!

6-    Pike Syndrome – look it up – it has great lessons for marketers. Things aren’t “business as usual”, so don’t operate as if they are or you’ll starve!

7-    Every person and almost every business is now a media channel, which results in real scarcity of attention. This has massive implications for marketers and all businesses!

8-    Today, engagement with customers is generated more in conversation than publication. Therefore, your marketing strategy must leverage a conversation.

9-    Marketing is no longer about your products or services. It’s about people! Basically, your best marketers aren’t you or anyone within your business, they are everyone else. With that in mind, make them the hero in all you do! The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge was the perfect example of how well this can work.

10-    We absolutely must be where our customers are, be that mobile, digital, traditional platforms, or (most likely) a combination of all. After all (as Willie Sutton reportedly said), that’s where the money is!

These are just a few of many things that resonated with me, and I’m happy to discuss in further detail. Have a great weekend!


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