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Our Timeline


Invention of the World Wide Web

Sir Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web in 1989


Release of Windows 95

In 1995 Microsoft released Windows 95 with Internet Explorer 1.0


Amazon's first online store goes live

Amazon launched their first online bookstore in 1995.


Biznet was founded.

Adrian founded Biznet in 1997 from his bedroom!


Founding of first launched in 1997 by 2 PHD students


Launch of the iPod

Apple launched their first iteration of the iPod in 2001.


Play Video

First Promo Video

We released our first video in 2001, just look at those amazing graphics!


Firefox was launched

Firefox 1.0 web browser was first launched in 2002.


The launch of The Facebook

Facebook first launched in 2004 as "The Facebook"


We move into our new office.

We moved into our new office in 2004 with 30 staff.


The launch of MySpace

MySpace first launched in 2005 as a social media networking site


Twitter was born

Twitter first launched in 2006 as an online news and social networking site.


We got our first CMS certifications.

We become certified in Kentico and EPiServer.


Name change & New office

We moved to an even bigger office and became i3 Digital.


Working with BP's data.

We started working with BP in Houston Texas


Launch of the iPad

Apple launched their very first iPad in 2010.


3 big names become customers

Dublin Bus, Translink and National Lottery sign up as customers.


Our first national event

We had our first national event in TFMA in London.


We won website of the year

We won website of the year 2016 with Belfast Waterfront.


We host our first first webinars.

We host our first webinars on GDPR and eCommerce.


i3 Digital turns 20

We celebrate our 20th birthday!

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